Friday, 8 September 2017

Biometric information and how it will be used

Biometric information is information about a person’s physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify them, for example, information from their fingerprint. The school would, with your permission, take and use information from your child’s fingerprint and use this information for the purpose of providing your child with the ability to make purchases from the school canteen. Even if your child does not regularly have a school meal we would encourage you to give your permission to cover the occasional purchase of snacks and drinks. The tills in the canteen do not have the facility to accept cash during service time.

The information will be used as part of an automated biometric recognition system. This system will take measurements of your child’s fingerprint and convert these measurements into a template to be stored on the system. An image of your child’s fingerprint is not stored. The template (i.e. measurements taking from your child’s fingerprint) is what will be used to permit your child to access services.

You should note that the law places specific requirements on schools when using personal information, such as biometric information, about pupils for the purposes of an automated biometric recognition system.

For example:

(a)    the school cannot use the information for any purpose other than those for which it was originally obtained and made known to the parent(s) (i.e. as stated above);

(b)    the school must ensure that the information is stored securely;

(c)    the school must tell you what it intends to do with the information;

(d)    unless the law allows it, the school cannot disclose personal information to another person/body – you should note that the only person/body that the school wishes to share the information with is with the provider of the biometric system. This is necessary in order to establish an effective purchasing system. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact the school office. 

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