Friday, 12 October 2018

What's Coming Up (Wc 15.10.2018)

October 2018
Yr 9 Meet The Tutor Evening
Tues 16
Yr 5, 6 & 7 Form Teacher Settling In Meetings
Greneway Site  1600-1900
Roysia Site – 1600-1800
Thurs 18
PSHE Day Yr 5 - 11
Tues 23
Yr 5, 6 & 7 Form Teacher Settling In Meetings 
Greneway Site  1540-1740
Roysia Site – 1600-1800
Weds 24
Wicked Theatre Trip
Thurs 25
Half Term
Mon 29
November 2018
Autumn Term Continues
Mon 05


It has been great to have so many conversations with you this week through tours following Open Events, Friends of schools meetings and I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the KS2 Disco.  An event for Years 7 and 8 will be announced shortly.  I’d like to thank the Friends groups who enable events such as this to take place and these groups always welcome new members, so do get in touch.

I have had some really interesting conversations with student representatives this week about the direction they want the school to go and the things they are experiencing on a daily basis.  I know many of you have seen an increase in the amount of homework that has been set and I appreciate your support in helping your children to get it done.  One of the things that is clear from speaking to students is that we haven’t shared with them why and how the change in approach will better prepare them for GCSE and more importantly working independently as they enter the world of work.  I will make sure we touch on this in assemblies over the next week.

It has been great to see many of our sports team having success in key fixtures this week, including some National Cup competitions.  I am told the Tag Rugby Festival was a great success and was supported by Year 8 Sports Leaders.  I know there are a group of students across all year groups and sites taking part in a Swimathon.  We are proud of our extra-curricular offer and would encourage as many of you as possible to get a ticket for Joseph which is set to be a quite a show!

For those of you who have taken the time to feedback on the Open Event via the survey, I will update you on some of the information you have requested before half term.

Teaching member of the week
Mrs Dunham is receiving this based on the level of parental feedback about the job she does and the contribution she makes.

Non Teaching member of the week.

Mrs Robinson epitomises everything about the importance of positive relationships between staff, students and parents.

Mr G Farquhar

Herts Music Service Wind Day

Wind Day 2018 is on Thursday 15th November at Stevenage Music Centre (The Nobel School) If you play flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone or bassoon - this is for you. Please apply online: …

School Allotment
This week, we have continued to harvest an amazing crop of tomatoes (they are ripening off nicely in sunny Lab 3).

The allotment group have been planting bulbs for the spring along with onions and garlic to over winter.

Key Stage 2 Disco
This evening, pupils from across the RSAT middle schools will be enjoying their first KS2 disco.  DJ Judge will be providing the music with the Friends of the RSAT Schools running the tuck shop.  Many thanks to the parents, friends  and staff who support this event ensuring that pupils enjoy a fun evening.

Royston Schools’ Academy Trust announce their forthcoming production of 
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
(Lyrics by Tim Rice, Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Meridian School, Friday 16 November - 7.00pm, Saturday 17 November - 2.00pm and 7.00pm

Tickets are available through the Meridian School office, 01763 242236 from Monday 15th October.

Alex Thompson in the title role (photo by Terry Hartga)

RSAT students from across the three academy schools are busy rehearsing for what promises to be a truly spectacular show. Excitement is building as songs and choreography are being rehearsed, sets are being painted and costumes and props are coming together.

Go, go, go Joseph (photo by Terry Hartga)

Amazingly, it is fifty years since Joseph originally had his dreams, was given his coat and was treated so badly by his brothers. Come and see what happens to him as he journeys from Israel to Egypt singing all the way! 

(Photo by Terry Hartga)

Book of the Week

If you enjoy….humour‘

Forty-two days ago I was an ordinary kid, living an uneventful life. But now it’s TOTAL MONSTER ZOMBIE CHAOS and I’m battling beasts on a daily basis. Crazy, right? But I know exactly how to make it through the zombie apocalypse.’

Meet Jack Sullivan, self-described as a late-blooming, slow-developing 13-year-old who has so far survived the Zombie apocalypse by hiding out in his treehouse. Overnight Jack’s life has become like the plot of a video game and he has come up with his own ULTIMATE FEATS OF APOCALYPTIC SUCCESS:

Locate Quint Baker, best friend and inventor
Find and rescue June Del Toro, his secret love interest
Defeat Blarg, the biggest, baddest monster in town
Become a zombie-fighting, monster-bashing tornado of cool!

Suitable for all year groups and especially those fans of Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Timmy Failure.

Essential E-Safety

Personal information is like a jigsaw puzzle,  each piece of information you share can be added together to create a bigger picture.

Childnet offer some advice to help your child think about what information they share online:

        Don’t give your personal information to people you don’t know
        Think about personal information offline as well as online: If you wouldn’t say something to a stranger in the street, don’t say it to a stranger online
        Think about timings – save posts that reveal your location until after you have left the place where the photo was taken
        Think critically! Think about all of the information you post online and what image this creates about you
        Speak to an adult if anything worries you online or if anyone tries to persuade you to share your personal information.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Greneway Sports Fixture Diary

Greneway Fixtures 2018-2019   

Tuesday, 18th September - Yr8 North Herts Football vs Barclay (A) 4.00 pm

Monday, 24th September - Yr5/6 North East Herts Football League Date (H) 4.00 pm

Wednesday, 26th September - Yr8 North Herts Football vs Highfield (A) 4.00 pm

Friday, 28th September - Yr7 Herts County Cup vs Aldenham (H) 3.45 pm

Tuesday, 2nd October - Yr8 North Herts Football vs Thomas Alleyne (H) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 2nd October - Yr7 North Herts Football vs Priory (A) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 4th October - Yr5/6 Girls North East Herts 7 a-side Football Tournament (H) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 9th October - Yr7/8 Girls North East Herts Football Tournament (H) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 9th October - Yr7 Boys National Cup Rd1 vs Stephen Perse Foundation (A) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 11th October - Yr5/6 North East Herts Tag-Rugby at the Heath 1pm - 3pm

Sunday, 14th October - Royston Rotary Swimathon at RLC 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Tuesday, 16th October -  Yr5/6 North East Herts Football League Date 2 (H) 4.00 pm

Wednesday, 17th October - Yr7 North Herts Football vs Fearnhill (H) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 18th October - Yr7 North Herts Rugby Festival (HBS) 1.00 pm

Thursday, 8th November - Yr5/6 North East Herts Table-Tennis @ Greneway 3.30 pm

Wednesday, 14th November - Yr8 North Herts Basketball vs Highfield (A) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 15th November - Yr5/6 North East Herts Basketball @Freman 4.00 pm

Monday, 19th November - Yr8 North Herts Basketball vs Nobel (A) 4.00 pm

Wednesday, 16th January - Yr8 North Herts Basketball vs KTS (A) 4.00 pm

Monday, 21st January - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs Priory (H) 4.00 pm

Monday, 28th January - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs Nobel (H) 4.00 pm

Wednesday, 30th January - Yr7 North Herts Football vs Highfield (H) 3.20 pm

Monday, 4th February - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs Barnwell (H) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 7th February - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs Marriotts (H) 4.00 pm

Monday, 11th February - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs Thomas Alleyne (H) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 12th February - Yr8 North Herts Basketball vs Thomas Alleyne (A) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 14th February - Yr8 North Herts Basketball vs Hitchin Boys (RLC) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 26th February - Yr7 North Herts Football vs KTS (H) 4.00 pm

Thursday, 28th February - Yr5/6 Boys North East Herts Football 7 a-side Tournament (H) 4.00 pm

Monday, 4th March - Yr8 North Herts Football vs KTS (A) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 5th March - Yr8 North Herts Football vs Nobel (H) 4.00 pm

Tuesday, 5th March - Yr7 North Herts Basketball vs St Chris (A) 4.00 pm

Wednesday, 6th March - Yr5/6 North East Herts Football League Date 3 (H) 4.00 pm

Friday, 5 October 2018

What's Coming Up (Wc 08.10.18)

October 2018
Yr 9 Photographs
Thurs 11
Friends of RSAT School Disco @Greneway 1830-200 
Fri 12
Yr 9 Meet The Tutor Evening
Tues 16
Yr 5, 6 & 7 Form Teacher Settling In Meetings
Greneway Site  1600-1900
Roysia Site – 1600-1800 
Thurs 18
Yr 5, 6 & 7 Form Teacher Settling In Meetings 
Greneway Site  1540-1740
Roysia Site – 1600-1800 
Weds 24
Half Term
Mon 29
November 2018
Autumn Term Continues
Mon 05


This week has been a big one for the trust it has been great to see so many students across all the sites involved in so many activities. I hope you all took something from our open events. For those of you who want to really see Meridian in action we will be conducting tours throughout next week for yrs 6 & 8 parents. Open evenings are about showing off, tours are about showing what schools do on a day to day basis. We will look at letting parents from yrs 5 & 7 tour later in the year.

I would like you to know that I have asked staff to really focus on making sure we are taking the opportunities to reward students and let parents know. The best half hour of my week this week was having some conversations with the parents of students in my history classes. This is something I very much want us to develop as a Trust going forward.

I also want to share with you something we do as a Trust every week that I would like you to know about. Each week staff are able to nominate teachers and non teachers for “Staff of the Week”. I think as key members of the school community it will be nice to share this with you. If there is a member of staff who is really making a difference for you please feel free to let me know.

Teaching member of the week

Mrs Bearpark for her work in the Maths department across Key stage 2&3 in particular.

Non Teaching member of the week.

Mrs Ilses for her support of the pastoral team at  Meridian.

Mr G Farquhar

Monday 1st October

Royston Festival
Pupils from across the academy were involved in the Royston Festival over the weekend.  They took the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the arts.  It really was an amazing weekend with so many pupils getting involved in this important community event.

What follows are some of the highlights for RSAT pupils...

Festival Finale Concert
On Sunday evening, students from across the three schools participated in the celebrated Finale Concert in St John’s Church in the centre of town. The theme of the Festival this year was ‘Voyages of Discovery’ and the chosen repertoire reflected this. The Middle School Choir began our set with How Far I’ll Go from Moana. The Meridian Concert Band, led by Mr Allan, then took over with a journey into rhythm; ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ and a ‘Tour of Elton John’. The cast of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ gave a stunning performance of a short scene from our upcoming show. (Performances on 16 and 17 November, more information to follow.) The audience were wowed by the commitment and high level of performance skills, both singing and acting, shown by the entire cast of students. The combined performers then enjoyed voyaging ‘500 miles’ around the church whilst singing the Proclaimers song of the same name! Thanks to the staff from across the three sites who gave up their time to support this fantastic community event.
Mrs Crosby

(Photos taken by Terry Hartga)

Writing competition
Congratulations to Ewan (Yr 7) who was awarded second place in the creative writing competition.

Middle School Art Exhibition at Royston Museum

Year 8 students at Roysia and Greneway sites are exhibiting artwork inspired by Journeys and Discovery.  This work can be viewed until the end of the week.


Festival Fringe Children's Art Competition
Avanesh Vanniasingam won 3rd prize in the 8-10 age group of the Arts Festival Fringe Competition for his lovely observation of a rose, drawn with dip pen and Indian ink

Tuesday 2nd October

Science Lessons
The first project of the year in Year 9 Chemistry on the Meridian site has been an investigation into the viscosity of oils. The students worked in groups of 3 or 4 to test the hypothesis "There is a link between the viscosity of oils and how long they take to flow over a certain distance." On Thursday 20 September, excellent team work ensured that 9EBN managed to collect enough data to be able to test the hypothesis, using 5 different concentrations of glycerol. The next stage will be analysis of their data, with graph drawing and identifying any patterns.

Foyles Young Poet of the Year 2018
Congratulations to Jazmine (Yr9) who was a runner up in  the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award 2018.  This national competition had more than 10 000 entrants. Jazmine and her family enjoyed a day at the Royal Festival Hall in London where her, and her fellow winners, were presented with their prizes. Jazmine’s poem will be published in an online anthology in celebration of the event.

It has been a winning time for Jazmine as she also won 3rd prize in the Arts Festival junior artist competition for the picture she drew at Guides!

Jazmine’s Poem

The Treerific Amputree

"My goodness," I said to it. "How on earth did you end up like that?" I was truly stumped.
"You what?" The tree replied in Scottish accent that sounded Scottish.
"How did you become an amputree?" I asked.
He tree sighed before replying "just leaf me alone."
"Oak Kay." I replied.
"Look," he said. "I'm sorry for snapping at you like that, but can we please stop the tree jokes?"
"I'm sorry." I said. "I'm just a sap for tree jokes.
"Its alright," an awkward silence lingered before the tree broke it again. "You know what?" He said.
"What? I asked, intreeged.
"I think," he paused.
"What, what do you think? I'm intreeged,"
"We have amazing chemistree." 
"What do you mean?" I replied.
"I think... I think I'm ln love with you." The tree said.
" You're barking mad," I told him. "How did you end up as an amputee?"
"Do you want me to tell you honestree?" The tree asked me. I nodded. "I'm not an amputree. I'm just a fat treenager.
"I'm gonna leaf." I say walking away awkwardly. "Tree you later."

Wednesday 3rd October

House Assemblies - Greneway
During this week, pupils have met in their house groups to elect house captains.  Everyone was impressed with the quality of the presentations.  All pupils were able to vote for their choice of house and vice captains.

Leyla Safsoz,  Kiera-Lou Westbury
Vice Captains
Millie Carew, Madison Lawrence, Taya Van Der Merve
Rory Keenan, Mila Schroeder
Vice Captains
Cameron Thompson, Evie Mills, William Archer, Rose Norris, Eve Gore
Lauren Wallace, Abi Frost
Vice Captains
Grace Gifford, Natasha Lye, Freya Tansley
Vanessa Hutchinson,  Lauren Pinder
Vice Captains
James Griffin,  Harry Brent


The full, exciting programme of extra curricular clubs is now underway across the academy sites.  Please look out for the clubs list to see what opportunities are available at the different sites.

Thursday 4th October

Open Day and Evening
The RSAT Academy was delighted to welcome a record number of prospective pupils and their parents/carers this week to tour the sites and see the schools in action.  Current pupils and staff alike were excited and proud to show off their school and the many opportunities on offer.

Friday 5th October

Greneway Study Support
Finding your homework workload too much?  Need help?  There is the opportunity to come along to the Information Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3.20 pm to 4.30 pm after school to get that homework done.  Help yourself by taking advantage of a quiet, calm, working environment where encouragement and teaching support is available if you need it. 

Further support with reading is available on a Tuesday.  See below for further details:

Accelerated Reading/Literacy
Study Support

Information Centre - Greneway Site
3.20 pm - 4.30 pm

All years.

You will need your A/R Reading Book
Pencil Case

Come and improve your reading and literacy skills and get ahead.  Need support choosing your next book?  Help is here.
Finished your book?  Test your knowledge with the A/R Quiz.

Extend your vocabulary and test your spelling with our Scrabble corner: all abilities.
Make new friends.